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Fountain of Youth

Paul Tunge

26.06 Galeries 17:00
Fictie . 84' . Noorway, Spain . 2017 . Norwegian / ST : Anglais, Français, Néerlandais

Olav has been denied contact with his newborn child. Without family or friends to support him, he looks for security, love and meaning in the strangest places, and the search leads him to an eccentric therapist found in one of the darkest places on the web. The therapist asks Olav to record his innermost thoughts on the mobile phone and send them to him so that he can use them to strike situations and confrontations that will push for a revelation in the patient ..


Petronella Barker
Derek Broughton
Maria Grazia Di Meo


Paul Tunge


Paul Tunge


Paul Tunge


Kjetil Egeland


Paul Tunge
Synne Øverland Knudsen

Paul Tunge

PaulTunge_1 jpeg

Fountain of Youth is Paul Tunges third indie feature, premiered at 34th Bogota film fest. His previous films have been screened at international festivals all over the world, winning best international feature with Demning / Dam at Indielincs 2016. He works with super low budget and a handfull of a crew, dealing with existentialism, modernism and the zeitgeist.


2011: Kano
2015: Demning/Dam
2016: Ad astra
2017: Fountain of youth
2018: Bauta
2018 : Odda
2019: Du

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