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The National

Having promoted Belgian Cinema for the last ten years with the Be Film Festival, the founders of the BRIFF are, of course, determined to raise the flag high for the home team and no better way of doing that than by holding a National Competition which will highlight the quality and diversity of Belgian cinema.

The International

Consisting of films from the four corners of the world the International Competition will give festival goers the opportunity to enjoy many Belgian premieres.

The European

As the capital of Europe, it was a foregone conclusion that Brussels host a European competition. The goal of this selection is to reveal talented moviemakers and “made in Europe” works that display richly diverse, uncommon and singular productions. The selection will be made in close collaboration with the ARRF (Association belge des Réalisateurs & Réalisatrices de films).



Guest of honour

Concomitantly with the competitions, other special events are being organized to reinforce the international dimensions of the festival. Each edition will feature a guest of honor, which will create the opportunity to program, in close collaboration with the honored guest, screenings of their most important and favorite films.


Retrospectives will also honor other prominent members of the film world who are festival jury members.

Master Class

Last but not least, several Master Classes will be held in order to give festival goers and professionals alike the opportunity to discover the inner-workings of the world of cinema from many different angles.

Are You Series?

Directed by Bozar Cinéma, the BRIFF’s section on TV series will present a discerning look at its evolution as compared with the film industry. By including this complimentary overview of the subject to the annual December Are You Series? Festival we are giving the fans an additional opportunity to find out the latest and also giving the professionals the opportunity to share their thoughts in forums and roundtable discussions.

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