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La Meglio Gioventu

The Best of Youth

Marco Tullio Giordana

24.06 BOZAR 11:00
Fiction . 2 x 90' + 180 . Italy . 2003 . Italian / ST : French, Dutch

The Meglio Gioventù tells the story of an Italian family from the late sixties to the present day. Nicola and Matteo are two brothers who initially share the same dreams, books and friendships. When they meet Giorgia, a young girl suffering from mental disorders, their future takes a different turn. Nicola decides to become a psychiatrist, Matteo abandons his studies and goes to the police. The small and big tragedies in the life of Mateo, Nicola and their family are put in parallel with the events that have marked recent Italian history: the floods in Florence, the fight against the Sicilian mafia, the football matches of the Italian national team, student protests, the terrorism of the Red Brigades, the Fiat crisis…. The Meglio Gioventù is the portrait of a generation that emerged for itself and tried not to bend to the world to leave it a little better.


Luigi Lo Cascio

Alessio Boni

Jasmine Trinca

Fabrizio Gifuni

Sonia Bergamasco

Maya Sansa


Marco Tullio Giordana


Sandro Petraglia

Stefano Rulli

Marco Tullio Giordana


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