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Les Valseuses

Going Places

Bertrand Blier

25.06 Palace 20:30
Fiction . 150' . France . 1974 . French / ST : English

Jean-Claude and Pierrot are two crude drifters who travel the French countryside in pursuit of petty crimes and wanton sex. But when their abduction of a frigid young beautician becomes an exercise in frustration, they find sordid solace in a sex-starved ex-convict.


Gérard Depardieu



Gérard Depardieu
Patrick Dewaere
Jeanne Moreau


Bertrand Blier


Bertrand Blier
Philippe Dumarçay


Kenout Peltier


Dominique Dalmasso


Bruno Nuytten


Stéphane Grappelli


Compagnie Artistique de Productions et d’Adaptations Cinématographiques
Société Nouvelle Prodis
Uranus Productions France

Bertrand Blier

Bertrand Blier is a French director, actor and dialoguist, born in 1939 in France. His cinema is firmly non-conformist and iconoclastic. His style is sometimes comparable to Jean-Pierre Mocky in the critique of bourgeois morals and the rehabilitation of the pleasures of the body, but his model in the field remains above all Luis Buñuel. We find great moments of provocation in his works (Les Valseuses) and black humour (Buffet froid and Les Acteurs), mixed with a pronounced taste for coarse and offbeat dialogue as well as a certain interest in the absurd. Nevertheless, his films often reach a wide audience, such as Our History and Evening Dress. Marginals, prostitutes, thugs, cops, transvestites, are his favourite themes. He’s a director who puts a lot of emphasis on actors. Jean-Pierre Marielle, Patrick Dewaere and Gérard Depardieu are part of his favourite actors.


1967: Si j’étais un espion

1974: Les valseuses

1976: Calmos

1978: Préparez vos mouchoirs

1979: Buffet froid

1981: Beau-père

1983: La femme de mon pote

1984: Notre histoire

1986: Tenue de soirée

1989: Trop belle pour toi

1991: ‘Merci la vie’

1993: Un, deux, trois, soleil

1996: Mon homme

2000: Les acteurs

2003: Les côtelettes

2005: Combien tu m’aimes?

2010: Le bruit des glaçons

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