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Much Loved

Much Loved

Nabil Ayouch

25.06 UGC De Brouckère 19:30
Drama . 104' . Marocco, France . 2015 . Arab / ST : French, Dutch

Marrakech, nowadays. Noha, Randa, Soukaina and Hlima live on paid love. They are prostitutes, objects of desire. Full of life and accomplices, worthy and emancipated, they overcome on a daily basis the violence of a society that uses them while blaming them.


Loubna Abidar
Asmaa Lazrak
Halima Karaouane


Nabil Ayouch


Nabil Ayounch


Virginie Surdej


Damien Keyeux


Nassim El Mounabbih
Saïd Radi
Samuel Aichoun


Miek Kourtzer


Les Films du Nouveau Monde
New District
Barney Production
Ali’N Productions


Celluloid Dreams

Nabil Ayouch

Nabil Ayouch was born in 1969. He lives and works in Casablanca. In 1992, his first short, Les pierres bleues du désert, revealed Jamel Debbouze. In 1997, he directed his first feature film, Mektoub, followed by Ali Zazoua, prince du désert in 2000. Both films represent Morocco at the Oscars and impose Nabil Ayouch into the Moroccan and world cinema landscape. After Les chevaux de Dieu (Cannes Film Festival 2012, Official Selection), Much Loved is his seventh feature film. Nabil Ayouch also stages live shows, such as the opening of “”Le Temps du Maroc”” in France at the Château de Versailles in 1999. He is also a producer, and founded his company Ali n’ Productions in 1999, which aims above all to help young directors get started. He is the founder of the G.A.R.P. (Groupement des Auteurs, Réalisateurs, Producteurs) and the President of the Moroccan Association against Piracy.


1997: Mektoub
2000: Ali Zoua, prince de la rue
2003: Une minute de soleil en moins
2007: Whatever Lola wants
2011: My land
2012: Les chevaux de Dieu
2015: Much Loved
2018: Razzia

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